While we all have similar nutritional needs, some of us will require more intake of specific vitamins, minerals and supplements than others. In some cases, having too much or too little of certain dietary components can have a negative effect on an individual. Children with concentration problems and learning disabilities must be provided with a healthy and balanced diet in order to assist them with healthy development. A deficiency can exacerbate the problems being experienced. It is important to have the issues of nutrition for your ADHD or learning disabled child addressed as soon as possible. If there was a magic pill that could be prescribed to fix nutrition and health issues for children with learning disabilities and concentration problems, what exactly would that pill be expected to do?

The process of determining a good and nutritious diet is something that requires a close look at the history of the child. Questions must also be asked pertaining to patterns of deficiencies. If your child’s problem is concentration related, we will need to evaluate the extent of the problem by testing the auditory and visual abilities, with our concentration test. The patient must also be sent for a blood test to uncover any markers that could be the cause of, or even aggravate the symptoms being suffered.

When required, we will refer our patients to the relevant professionals and specialists. Our treatment protocol is based on supplementation and homoeopathic methods, and a diet, specifically suited to the child/patient might be recommended subject to the problems being experienced.

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