Laboratory tests are used to determine a patients/child’s health status and we make use of this type of testing at Solutions4Learning. A blood and urine test can provide a wealth of useful information that can help to develop a nutritious and healthy diet, specific to the needs of the child. By committing to our simple laboratory tests, you could uncover the key to breaking the concentration cycle that your child is suffering. In doing so, you can take your child to the next level.

The thought of a needle / blood test / laboratory work being carried out on your child might seem traumatic, but this type of test can determine precisely what your child’s needs are in terms of nutrition. Tests must be carried out for a variety of deficiencies if concentration is a concern. Whether your child is on or off medication, concentration must be improved or the side effects will continue to be experienced.

At Solutions4Learning, we carry out tests to rule out and find balance with the following:

  • Anaemia – Many people mistakenly believe that Anaemia is simply an iron deficiency – it is not. Vitamin B12 and folic acid can also be a cause of Anaemia. A full blood count and iron profile must be done in order to establish just what type of Anaemia is being dealt with.
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Blood sugar and Insulin problems
  • Vitamin D deficiency